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CSCI Awards

CSCI Resident Research Awards

Awarded annually to the best resident research project conducted during a RCPSC/CFPC training program at each Canadian medical school.  Funding to support this initiative is provided by the Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

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Joe Doupe Young Investigator Award

Awarded to a new young investigator within ten (10) years of his/her first academic appointment who, in the estimation of his/her departmental chair, is deemed to have accomplished a significant and innovative piece of work since this initial academic appointment.

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Distinguished Scientist Award and Lecture

Awarded to a Canadian MD or PhD medical Scientist who has made significant contributions to new knowledge and is generally recognized in her/his field as expert, innovative, and in the forefront of research endeavour.

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Henry Friesen Award and Lecture

Awarded to a Canadian scientist, MD or PhD who is notable for her/his contribution to biomedical or related research and who is actively involved in research at a Canadian university.

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