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Where People Come First

We work hard to recognize our members in the fields they support, through awards and publishing in the CIM Journal.

Annual Conference

An opportunity for clinical investigators to gather along with CITAC members to discuss advancements and ongoing concerns in the field of clinical investigation.


Strong representation nationwide for clinical investigators, including representatives at every faculty of medicine in Canada.

Presidential Message

Dear CSCI Members,

I am honoured to serve as president for the Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation.  Many exciting changes have occurred over the last year which provide opportunities for growth.

Our flagship journal, Clinical Investigative Medicine (CIM), provides a venue to publish peer-reviewed research, critical reviews and commentaries on important topics that are relevant to our members and trainees.  It has steadily increased its impact factor under the leadership of our editor in chief Robert Bortolussi, who will retire soon. CSCI is seeking a new EIC for CIM.  This year CIM will partner with University of Toronto Press to streamline its publishing services and gain further recognition from the academic community.  The new editorial management system will significantly reduce the time commitment for the next EIC.

CSCI plays a prominent leadership role in mentoring the next generation of physician-scientists. In collaboration with the Clinician Investigator Trainee Association of Canada (CITAC), we have organized annual young investigators Forums. This program provides opportunities to our trainees in the clinical investigator program (CIP) or MDPhD program to learn essential skills that help build a successful future career in research. For the first time, this year’s symposium was held in conjunction with the first International Conference on Academic Medicine (ICAM) in Quebec City from April 13-16, 2023. Together with CITAC, we are eager to work with our new partners to develop a program that is suitable for our trainees at the next year’s ICAM conference in Vancouver, spring 2023.

I am excited to continue with our society’s mission and to advocate for the future of clinician scientists. I look forward to working with you towards this common goal.

Nathalie Johnson, MD, FRCPC, PhD – CSCI President 2023/2024