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We work hard to recognize our members in the fields they support, through awards and publishing in the CIM Journal.

Annual Conference

An opportunity for clinical investigators to gather along with CITAC members to discuss advancements and ongoing concerns in the field of clinical investigation.


Strong representation nationwide for clinical investigators, including representatives at every faculty of medicine in Canada.

Dr Jason Berman, CSCI President 2019/2020

Presidential Message

Dear CSCI Members,

On behalf of CSCI, I want to address the widespread public condemnation of systemic racial injustice that we are observing in the U.S. by first acknowledging that the underlying issues are not a uniquely American problem.

As physicians, researchers, and educators we have an important role in ensuring racial equity in our clinics, laboratories, and classrooms. As leaders, we have a responsibility to identify institutional and societal barriers, and facilitate their removal at every level. CSCI therefore pledges to confront inequality and support researchers from the Indigenous, persons of color, and visible minority communities so that they are seen, heard, and represented.

Jason Berman, MD –  CSCI President 2018/2020