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To promote clinical and basic research in the field of human health throughout Canada, to lobby for adequate research funding at the federal, regional and local levels, and to support Canadian researchers in their endeavours and at all stages of their careers.

The Society still fulfils its original mandate today. It has evolved, however, to include the active promotion of clinical science and lobbying for support of basic and applied biomedical research from the federal and provincial governments. CSCI strives to provide a voice for young clinician investigators in the early stages of their career, CIP trainees and MD/PhD students. CSCI members represent researchers across Canada who are studying issues of disease and health care across the spectrum, from basic research to issues of scientific education and training to the delivery of health care programs in Canada.

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The Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation (CSCI) was founded in 1951 and its original purpose was to provide a forum for the exchange of scientific information. It was envisaged as a “travel club for those interested in clinical investigation in Canada”. As detailed by J.S.L. Browne, one of the four founding members of the CSCI, the idea was for it to be a very informal organization and not a society.

Its first meeting was attended by 44 people and was an outstanding success. Over the next several years, discussion continued as to the proposed nature, structure and organization of a society for Canadian clinical investigators. These discussions culminated in the formation of the CSCI in 1959. Its first meeting was held in Vancouver that year. CSCI now hosts the Annual Young Investigators Forum and its annual meeting is now held conjointly with the annual meeting of the Clinician Investigators Trainee Association of Canada (CITAC).


The CSCI is composed of individuals interested and active in clinical investigation from across the country. Membership is open to those who are interested and active in clinical research.

The Executive of the Society consists of 5 members: the President, President-Elect, Vice-President, Past-President and Secretary-Treasurer. The Council consists of representatives from all medical schools across Canada and the Editor of CIM.